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National cardiovascular disease database

Cardiovascular disease database refers to the ongoing systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of cardiovascular disease data essential to the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical and public health services, closely integrated with dissemination of these data to those who need to know. The final link in the chain is the application of these data to the treatment, prevention and control of cardiovascular disease. A database system includes a functional capacity for data collection, analysis and dissemination linked to clinical and public health programs.


Malaysia has several cardiovascular disease databases in tertiary MOH hospitals and private providers in Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Penang, Johore and National Heart Institute (Institut Jantung Negara). The National Cardiovascular Disease Database (NCVD) is established to integrate these various database and other data source to achieve nation-wide cardiovascular database.


The NCVD is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and supported by several of its organizations:

A Governance Board will be established to oversee the operations of the NCVD. The MOH, Universities, professional bodies, NGOs and private healthcare providers will be present on this committee to ensure that the NCVD stays focused on its objectives, continuing relevance and justification.



Purpose of the NCVD

The objectives of the NCVD are to:

  • Determine the number and the time trend of acute coronary syndromes in Malaysia.

  • Determine the socio demographic profiles of these patients to better identify the high-risk group in our Malaysian population.

  • Determine the efficiency of, and adherence to current guidelines treatment guidelines.

  • Determine the number, evaluate and monitor the outcomes of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) based on selected performance indicators.

  • Determine the cost to the nation by cardiovascular disease and the cost-effectiveness of treatment and prevention programs.

  • Stimulate and facilitate research cardiovascular disease research using this database.



Sources of cardiovascular disease data in Malaysia

The NCVD receives data on coronary disease and management from 2 main sources:

  • All cardiologists and physicians in Malaysia who provide cardiac diagnostic services or who care for cardiovascular disease patients, and voluntarily report data to the NCVD.

  • There is a plan to link NCVD to the National Vital Registration system (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) to ascertain mortality outcome.

  • There is also a plan to link the NCVD to the National Operative Procedure register and the MOH’s Health Management Information System (HMIS) to determine morbidity events when these two databases are properly established



Wouldn’t you want to report to the NCVD?

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For the NCVD to succeed, ideally all doctors who have anything to do with cardiovascular disease ought to report to the NCVD. We urge you to do your bit for your community, and help NCVD obtain the information so crucial in promoting effective cardiovascular disease prevention and control.

Cardiovascular Disease Reporting Made Simple
  • Online data collection




What are the benefits of participating in NCVD?

Apart from doing your bit for your community, here are some other benefits to being a reporter:

  • Access to the database and to therefore study the trend of cardiovascular disease in Malaysia.

  • Online data query and statistics of your institution anytime, anywhere

  • Online comparison of your institution data versus the country data anytime, anywhere

  • Data security and privacy are in compliance with regulatory requirement

  • Invitation to all functions organized by the NCVD.

  • Acknowledgement in all publications of the NCVD.

  • Complementary personal copy of all NCVD publications.

  • Free listing in the NCVD’s web site.

  • Tap into a network of like-minded people from diverse professional disciplines and backgrounds.


What about confidentiality?

Current legislation allows doctors to release their patients’ data to persons demonstrating a need, which is essential to public health and safety. The NCVD meets this requirement.

The NCVD has also developed strict policies and procedures to maintain confidentiality of data collected by it as well as in disclosure of data.



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