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NCTSD - Thoracic Surgery & Lung Cancer Registry Soft Launch

NCTSD management would like to welcome your participation and contribution to the success of the new NCTSD sub-registry called Thoracic Surgery & Lung Cancer Registry. Your centre are able to collect data for the following form.

1. Patient Demographic Form (PDF 101 KB)
2. Pulmonology Form (PDF 482 KB)
3. Radiology Form (PDF 59 KB)
4. Pathology Form (PDF 155 KB)
5. Surgery Form (PDF 100 KB)
6. Oncology Form (PDF 101 KB)
7. Follow-Up Form (PDF 64 KB)


1. For new Source Data Provider (SDP) in Thoracic Surgery & Lung Cancer Registry, please select one person as a Site Coordinator. Site Coordinator responsible to add new user or inactivate user on their own centre.

2. Any problem encountered with the system or the form, please send feedback to us.

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